SOPH 2014 S/S.

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GDYB goofing around during rehearsal for the concert.

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140725 Music Bank

feel it namjoon

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why are you two embarrassing the team again?

23/100 gifs of Rap Mon’s beautiful smile.

“Rap is not like singing, you don’t progress doing some kind of professional education; you’ve to express yourself. I did my best because I wanted to get better at it. The way my voice comes out, loudly, coolly, I’m aware of that”. -Rap Monster 


140629 Airport Fashion - Rap Monster

Hat: New Era Wu-Tang Primary Snapback in black 57$
T-Shirt: Hood By Air Morph T-Shirt really weird and obvious imitation
original is sold out, but check out the rest of the collection at VFILES

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j-hope: what he thinks he did vs. what he actually did 

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✧ Zico ✧